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Pinksterpreke 2014
Noodkrete vir menswaardigheid

Die leierskap van die NG Kerkfamilie gaan ons tans voor om saam te fokus op 'n seisoen van menswaardigheid. Ons dink en soek en bid doelgerig saam om 'n lewe van ware menslikheid, omdat dt God se goeie wil is vir ons almal. Die 2014 Pinksterreeks wil ons spesifiek help om op hierdie ware menslike lewe te fokus en om saam by die Heilige Gees te pleit dat dit inderdaad oral onder ons en in die wye wreld waar sal word. Die reeks belig 11 aspekte van ons gebede om 'n menslike lewe:

1.'n Noodkreet om te behoort
2.'n Noodkreet om vreemde vaderlikheid, moederlikheid en ouerlikheidNoodkreteOmLewe
3.'n Noodkreet om die Naam wat ons waardig maak
4.'n Noodkreet om die koninkrykslewe
5.'n Noodkreet om die wil wat van die aarde hemel maak
6.'n Noodkreet om brood vir elke dag
7.'n Noodkreet om te leef as vergeefde
8.'n Noodkreet om te leef as vergewende
9.'n Noodkreet om bevryding van die bose
10.'n Noodkreet om mense wie se aandag nie afgelei word nie
11.'n Noodkreet om 'n angsvrye lewe

Klik hier vir die Afrikaanse preke

Click here for the English series

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Week van Gebed 2014
Ons wil baie graag aanbeveel dat plaaslike gemeentes van die NG Kerkfamilie gedurende 2014 se Week van Gebed na mekaar sal uitreik. As gemeentes van die NG Kerkfamilie dit kan regkry om hulle dienste sm aan te bied, om saam te bid, saam te sing en saam na die Woord te luister, kan baie van wat in die onderstaande preke aangebied word, die versoening waarna ons almal so lank hunker, wr word en ervaar word!

Kliek hier vir Week van Gebed 2014

Week of Prayer 2014
We strongly recommend that local congregations of the DR Church family reach out to each other during 2014's Week of Prayer. If congregations of the DR Church family can manage hosting their services together praying together, singing together and listening to the Word together much of what is set out in the sermons below, the reconciliation that we have all been yearning after for so long, can become a reality and be experienced!

Click here for Week of Prayer 2014
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  Memorandum of agreement
During 2012 the executives of URCSA and DRC drafted a Memorandum of Agreement under the guidance of Dr Jerry Pillay, the President of the World Communion of Reformed Churches.

This agreement was approved by the General Synod of URCSA in October 2012 when also the moratorium on church unity was revoked. The Moderamen of the DRC also approved the agreement.

According to the Memorandum of Agreement we agreed to covenant together for unity because we believe that the Lord, who graciously committed himself to us, requires this of us.

The unity we envisage is a new organically united reformed church, organized according to synodical-presbyterial structures, which lives missionally and is committed to the biblical demands of love, reconciliation, justice and peace. At the same time we are committed to non-racialism, inclusiveness and the acceptance and celebration of our multicultural composition. The different languages in our churches will be treasured.

We agreed that the Belhar Confession will be part of the confessional basis of the reunited church.
Together we agreed to address reconciliation and restorative justice in a compassionate way.

>Memorandum of Agreement(PDF)
>Statement by the Executives(PDF)

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